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Atmospheric Melodic Metal from Bangor, Maine (also known as Derry to Stephen King readers) Side project of Shadar Logoth vocalist/guitarist Daniel Eaton. The mission is to take you out of the everyday and bring you somewhere more mystical and majestic.




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Catch Shadow Liege on the airwaves on the following stations:


WTOS 105.1 Homegrown Sundays at 6:45 EST

WKIT 100.3 Homemade Jam Thursdays @ 11:00 EST

Our City Radio Portland Metal & Rock Channels

The Justin Sane Show

Dalton's Rock Show



The first EP "Morning's Doom" is available now @ featuring 6 tracks for only $2.97! Or download the "Morning's Doom" EP minus bonus tracks for free at

All I ask is you follow Shadow Liege on Facebook so you can check out new music, and "share" the music to spread the word.


Thanks list for Morning's Doom EP:

My family, past and present bandmates, Trisha Mason, Jack Kaspala, Rory Vardamis, Thomas Hall, Dave Isaac, WKIT, Rob Kennedy, WTOS, Dalton's Rock Show, Justin Sane Show, Our City Radio Portland, Bull Moose, Dark Asylum UK, everyone who has supported Shadow Liege by liking/sharing/downloading/purchasing/listening, THANK YOU!

Dedicated to the memory of my father Robert who gave his approval of these tunes. Thanks for getting me that first guitar!


Thanks to Dark Asylum UK for their recent 5 out 5 star rating of "Morning's Doom"


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